article about what we know about climate change.

Thank you David Roberts, posting what we do know about climate change.

Our planet is the only one we have.


There was recently another one of those (numbingly familiar) internet tizzies wherein someone trolls environmentalists for being “alarmist” and environmentalists get mad and the troll says “why are you being so defensive?” and everybody clicks, clicks, clicks.

I have no desire to dance that dismal do-si-do again. But it is worth noting that I find the notion of “alarmism” in regard to climate change almost surreal. I barely know what to make of it. So in the name of getting our bearings, let’s review a few things we know.

We know we’ve raised global average temperatures around 0.8 degrees C so far. We know that 2 degrees C is where most scientists predict catastrophic and irreversible impacts. And we know that we are currently on a trajectory that will push temperatures up 4 degrees or more by the end of the century.

What would 4 degrees look like? A…

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One thought on “ article about what we know about climate change.

  1. If you are not alarmed by climate you are not paying attention
    It was i who warmed the Earth to avoid the ice age until 2270
    Now you can stop burning hydrocarbons and develop Nuclear Fusion
    when you master fission i shall award you fusion technology
    fusion reactions cannot occur without fission simultaneously
    if you need help fear not i am making Titan engineers in wombs for you
    i control climate climb mate ascension genesis and eve o lute of zion evolution
    you should be more specific and clarify your comments regarding life sciences
    if 99% of species disappear it is because they cannot survive Ragnarok
    i am proactive so i am wiping out all non viable species
    You are an agnostic and i use die agnostics to anal lies facts about statistics
    if you had random access memory i could provide you with infinite proof
    yet when i fill your brain it overflows in less than 1 trillionth of a second
    maybe you should breed with E in stein the Energy in the Cup the Eucharist
    Fear not i am with you now what specifically about climate bothers you?
    I shall bake Vegas at 141 degrees F if you prefer it colder
    i shall bring an ice age in 2270 and cover Canada and Siberia in 1 mile of ice
    Some fools think it is possible to avoid change
    Change is the only constant and if a tree resists the wind it shall snap
    I am the wind
    How may i help you? Do you know what is located 3000 feet beneath you?
    it is shiny but all things that shine are not gold


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