The Beauty of Change, Essay 1, the Basic Steps…


Walk down this road with me….

Living peacefully amid change is possible. We are all going to be asked to

change our way of life,

for our own survival on this planet. We want to change because we want

fresh air to breath,

clean water to drink, wholesome food to eat, for everyone.

I listened to my heart years ago, and I can tell you that the quality

of my life has improved,

what I changed were the things that really did not matter.

Simple things to do, and simple steps to take to bring you better health,

more enjoyment,

and will bring meaning back into your life.


Why we have to change:

Humans are kind and caring when we see suffering, and would help others if given an opportunity.

My generation, the Baby Boomer’s, were named so because after the Great Depression, and after WWII,

our parent’s became the new members of the middle class. They were successful by being thrifty,

cautious with their money, and providing their children (us) with the benefits of their material wealth.

The 60’s arrived and we were secure in our position, fully the middle class,

looked around at the way the world was, and protested war, capitalism, and the ‘system’.

We started our lives, our families, and our careers, and we focused on ourselves.

Somehow, we were not paying attention while corporations took over our world,

and while the market followed the direction of profit over humanity.

We have to change to protect life on this planet.


Simple Steps for Improving Your Life:

  1. Cherish what you have. Appreciate your life, family, friends, and your blessings given by our planet and ‘Mother Nature.’  Everything comes from Nature. Every material object in your life came from our Earth, at a great cost. The planet cannot keep up with our consumption. Give back to Nature, recycle what you do not need, it is made from precious material. Watch what you throw away, are you really giving back to Nature by dumping into her earth and water what you have consumed and no longer want?
  2. Recognize that you have what you need. If you have a home, food, water, you have enough. Everything else is a want. The First World (us) has taken too much from a finite planet (the only one we have). We are stripping our planet of its resources for our pleasure, leaving little for the rest of humanity. We choose not to see what our selfishness has caused, and the suffering of the Third World, who is starving and thirsty. I know we can do better.
  3.  Simplify your life. Having less material objects creates a space that you will enjoy more. Give away or sell what you do not need, someone else can use it. Eating less and more healthy simple foods will increase your enjoyment also. Growing your own organic foods gives pleasure, knowing that you are working with, and in nature. Your body is part of Nature, give it simple good food, and it will reward you with good health. Learn to recognize what will enhance your diet, and create good health. Eat less high resource foods: meat, out of season fruits and vegetables (they have probably traveled more that you have), factory created foods (processed, and dead, also well traveled).


What Easy Improvements I Made to Enjoy My Life More:

  • I sold my large house, and downsized (2003)…AND use way less power. Easier to clean, more time to spend outside in Nature.
  • I became a vegetarian (1995)…I grow my own food, and my protein is from fruits and vegetables, legumes, and eggs from my chicken, AND have great health. I eat less and enjoy it more. I don’t eat GMO corn or soy products (they are hidden in packaged food).
  • I use less energy in my new home, replace your light bulbs with more energy efficient CFL’s…Check your appliance efficiency. My heater is on a low setting, so I dress warm.
  • Gave up TV (1995)…The new flat screen TV’s use 2x to 4x the energy of the old tube ones. Again, I am outside in Nature, or reading, or painting.
  • Unplug what you are not using, standby mode uses electricity….
  • I sold my super cool Black & Silver Dodge Ram truck, and bought a small Toyota pickup, now I have downsized again, being given a free car that has great gas mileage.
  • I found something useful to do, and am getting a teaching credential, AND blogging about climate change.
  • I stopped buying what I do not need. Yes, even Christmas presents, I bought everyone socks for Christmas! I make my own beer and wine (another blog), and gave as Christmas presents).
  • I recycle everything. I have a compost pile, recycle cans, jars, plastic, etc., I have very little trash to send back into the Earth.
Starting the Garden

Starting the Garden

Growing the Garden

Growing the Garden

Eating the Garden

Eating the Garden


47 thoughts on “The Beauty of Change, Essay 1, the Basic Steps…

  1. Thank you for your encouraging comment! Please check out the Sustainability Hub link and post, they make some simple, easy suggestions that we all can do. All we can change is ourselves, and do what we can.


    • Hello WM,
      Thank you for your gracious comments.You have a wonderful, historical blog, and what an interesting home the museum is located in.
      I love museums, and worked for the Whitney, and for the Rockefeller Art Collection (Rockefeller’s Home) as a sculpture restorer, N.Y.C. trained by the Victoria & Albert Museum. Another museum as registrar, Fresno Art Museum. I love the ‘work’.
      Thank you again,
      D A Hartley


      • Good morning, I am deeply impressed! You are working for so interesting institutions. Congratulation. I love my humble work as well. It is a kind of mission: to keep history and beautiful tradition alive.


    • Dear Journal of Life Pursued,all my favorite authors on one site, and a philosophical writer as well. I thank you! ‘Your lights are on, and someone is home.’
      Creativity is a gift, and you are using it well.
      I love Emerson, but have spent many hours with Thoreau.
      D.A. Hartley


    • Dear ‘ A Journal of Life Pursued’,
      Thank YOU! I am constantly thinking of gentle ways to say: URGENT MESSAGE! In the end my feelings, not thoughts, take over. I think human’s respond better to the music of the flute, rather than the bullhorn shout. Your encouraging words are greatly appreciated.


  2. I appreciate and resonate with these ideas..a video I would like to share is on it the Simon Sinek talk on influence. I think you have a message that resonates with many.friends.


    • Dear Kandy,
      I watched the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. This is the greatest affirmation; believing in my path, inspires others to believe, and to contribute to the healing of our planet.

      Peace to you,


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  4. This is a wonderful post, practical, inspiring, positive. – one that’s worth putting in my keep file to re-read regularly to keep myself on track and remjnd myself of the things I know and sometimes forget.
    Now I must go through your check list – all complete except for – the collections of a life-time! – antiques, china, knick – knacks, sentimental objects… must try to let them go, But not the books….


    • Dear Valerie,
      Thank you for your lovely comment and your positive words.
      I had the most beautiful library, redwood and glass walls, stone fireplace….books!

      I gave my classics to my son-in-law. My nature books went to my son interested in those subjects.
      On and on, but I kept my favorites until recently, I have been selling them on Amazon. I just sold my first edition of Robert Frost, and a first edition of Findhorn Garden. I didn’t know if I could do it, marched to the Post Office, and off they went. Today I sold Healing Buddha.
      I have read them many times, and now it is time to share. Who knows where they will travel. They are a part of me.
      I came home and wrote, Heaven and Earth, and felt much better!
      And I feel free!
      But don’t let your books go….It took me 10 years to get to this point.


  5. yes, bravo … and hooray!! like you we can all demonstrate with our lives that this can be done, that change is beneficial to us in every way … not less, but more … more satisfaction, joy, peace and harmony in living simply … we do it too … so glad you found my blog!


    • Hello Christine,
      When I arrived at your blog, I thought I found my sister site! I loved your garden photos (posting mine soon), and the photos of your travels. I have chosen the simple life, and work hard to keep it so. Every little thing becomes a joy!
      So nice to connect with you,


  6. Wonderful, thanks! For years I tried to run before I could walk. I mean, I recognised the necessity of change ages ago and a) felt incredibly guilty when I couldn’t live up to the enormous ideals I’d set myself and b) wanted to deal with massive issues, like plastics, and air travel, before I’d really dealt with how to grow, how to live on less, and so on. I do think that it can become a macho-fest for some people (it did for me) and that’s not healthy and if you’re not seriously into that kind of thing, it’s not fun either. Now I do what I can and give myself permission to make mistakes, to go at it more slowly. I was vegan, now I’m vegetarian. I have two kids and we didn’t have a TV while they were under fives but when they went to school we got a small one. I never watch it and they don’t watch much either but it’s less awkward for them when friends come round. I love your blog and I need to learn to make wine this year (mine is AWFUL – would put you off alcohol for life!) so we don’t spend money on shop bought stuff. And last year we built a greenhouse and this year we will grow more in it, I hope, perhaps even enough to stop having to buy veg at least in the summer. We must encourage one another, this is the future and thanks so much again for sharing this!


  7. Your blog is simply awesome and clearly reflects your artistic sensibility and sense of composition. I work on the environment and on climate change mainly in developing countries but I have also had an amateur art practice and so appreciate where you are coming from. Nature provides so much luxurious inspiration for both poetry and art and i feel happy when I am in its element. Unfortunately, I don’t have your view but I am happy that you do.


    • Hello Jim,
      Nice to hear from you! I read your post today, Terricide Warning, I know that you are correct, and feel at such a loss. I just wish we didn’t have to take the planet down with us.

      With my blog I am exploring the conscious path, for those who want to change their lives in respect of Nature. I marched in San Francisco, with GreenPeace, Sierra Club, and, attended by Baby Boomers, not radical, quietly walking around a block in S.F. I was interviewed later that afternoon by Blog Talk Radio, Liana Voia, she asked me why I was marching around, and what good does that do?

      You write your blog, I march around, because we have to do something. If I can only be an example on how to live sustainably, and encourage others to do so, well, until I can think of something else, that is what I am doing.
      Thank you for your comment, and your very informative blog!


  8. I had to downsize too, but mine wasn’t by choice. However, the cool thing is how much I learned about living with very little. I learned that poverty is definitely a mindset, a loss of hope. Although I would like to get a car again(especially looking out into this current snow storm and needing groceries!), but only use it when necessary, I will always stick to these principles I’ve learned. I will always grow from these principles I’ve learned. I am so much happier with little. I have so much more focus because I don’t live in a big house that sucks up all my time cleaning it. Getting in the situation that brought me to realize all these things changed every aspect of my life. Now I want to give that back to the world for the sake of the environment, the future (children) and for the sake of each other with social change. Thank you for your blog! 🙂


    • ‘The Beauty of Change’, mirrors what you have written on your blog. Having less makes you appreciate all you are given. Having less allowed me to enter a teaching credential program (one year of work for no pay!). I appreciate your car problem…my car was burned by teens for fun, then one of my son’s gave me his. He had to ride his bike to the university thereafter. That was a gift!
      I have enjoyed reading today, thank you so much!
      Keep in touch!


      • What an amazing son you have! Which means you’re an amazing mother! I’m sorry those teens burned your car. I hope they realize someday what they have done and use it to improve themselves and their lives. I think the thing that empowers that the most is the act of love from your son. How powerful!


      • As I work on my blog I hope that is the message it sends. The mindset of living with less. I may not have a car but I eat an organic diet and am healthy for it. I save money in other ways and don’t live like I am destitute. Im in college and took an Environmental Science course and learned that Reduce is the least used method of helping the planet out of the 3 R’s. (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce). Since that is one I learned first hand, it is the one I focus on the most in my own life and for others. But I understand the problem of change. Its really hard for people to move from luxury to less and see it as a benefit. I hope to be able to help people make that mental transition a little at a time in their own lives. One step at a time. I’m just beginning the blog though, so I have a ways to go to refine my structure.
        I really enjoyed reading your blog and “Beauty for Change.” It is inspiring and awesome to know there are others out there that do not find this way of life impossible or that it sucks, but thoroughly enjoyable and doable. Thank you!


  9. Yes, yes, and yes! We all need to change our lives, to live in a sustainable way that our finite planet can support. This would benefit ALL life on this planet. USA is an out of control consumer of what the Earth offers, then we send what we don’t want (our trash) back into this Earth, without a care!

    “Now is the time to change for the benefit of all humanity and our planet,” a message from Friend Nature.


  10. Wow that’s truly some inspirational life changing moves you’ve made. I’ve come part way on some of those, and you’ve given me some great ideas on how to pursue others. My journey is beginning more with the mind, but I can already see it influencing other areas of my life to reduce the amount of clutter. I’ll definitely be back to check out your other writings.


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