Zoe Weil, the World Becomes What You Teach, a Ted Talk.

‘The World Becomes What You Teach.

Zoe Weil founder of the Institute for Humane Education, talks about solutions!

Very inspiring, teaching our children how to be problem solvers.
Here is a video of her speaking on Ted Talks.

The Human Education Program

Zoe Weil

I’m traveling a lot this month, so please enjoy this repost from 11/17/10.

There’s a metaphor I like to use when talking to fellow activists. I ask them to imagine two fires. The first is a campfire in an opening in the woods. The fire is warm and bright and draws people toward it. They are eager to find a place around the fire, and their beautiful faces glow in the reflected light. They feel good. There is nowhere they’d rather be. The second is a forest fire. It blazes hot and out of control, everyone – people and animals alike – flees.

Each of us has a fire inside of us. It is the fire of our passions and our beliefs, and all of us who are activists know it well. It is the fire that spurs us to learn about what is happening on our planet…

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4 thoughts on “Zoe Weil, the World Becomes What You Teach, a Ted Talk.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing Zoe’s post, D.A. The campfire/forest fire story is one she always tells at our student residency, and it’s always a favorite. Such a powerful metaphor!


  2. Hello Marsha, I am happy to share Zoe’s post. It is such a fine line between helping people recognize that we have to make a change for our planet, and just forcing facts in their face. I am just getting my teaching credential (art), and I would like to know more about her program!
    Many thanks for all your work,
    D.A. Hartley


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