Nature Series…wood and gold leaf.


Passage Way, 2002, 4′ x 6′, mixed media on wood. Private Collection.

“Moment after moment,

everyone comes out from nothingness. 

This is the true joy of life.”

                                                                                Zen Mind, Beginners’s Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki



Mitochondria I, 2002, mixed media on wood, 4’x6′. Private Collection.

Mitochondria II, 2003, mixed media on wood, 4’x6′. Collection of Sequoia Cancer Center, Visalia, CA.

“But a great deal, perhaps everything, 

will remain incredible and incomprehensible.

One paradox, however, must be accepted and this is

that it is necessary to continually

attempt the seemingly impossible.”

                                                                                        Journey to the East, by Hermann Hesse



Lost Canyon Falls, 2005, mixed media on wood. Collection of Kaweah Delta Hospital.

“Let me seek, then, the gift of silence,

and poverty, and solitude,

where everything I touch is turned into prayer,

the birds are my prayer,

the wind in the trees is my prayer,

for God is all in all.”

Thoughts in Solitude, by Thomas Merton



Aspen, 2002, mixed media on wood, 4′ x 6′, Private Collection

“The universe and I exist together,

and all things and I are one.

                               Chuang Tzu


Mountains, Clouds, and Streams, 2005, mixed media on wood, triptych, 6′ x 4′.

Exhibition, Water!, 2008, Conley Gallery, Fresno, CA.


“In cosmic consciousness,

we find that the relationship is the most important thing in life,

everything is a confluence of relationships. We begin to see that

everything is in balance between feminine and masculine energies,

the yin and yang,

and anytime there is more of one than the other, we are out of balance.

Right now, we need to reawaken the feminine because the dominance

of the masculine has led to belligerence,

arrogance, and aggression,

the very problems we see in the world right now.”

                                         Power, Freedom, and Grace, by Deepak Chopra



Jungle Serenade, 2005, mixed media on wood, 4′ x 6′. Private collection.

Costa Rica Garden

“The herb layer of mid-elevation rain forest on the Caribbean slope of the

Cordillera de Tilaran, showing diverse leaf shapes and a flowering Aphelandra.”

                                                              Costa Rica, by Michael and Patricia Fogden



Lost Canyon, 2002, mixed media on wood, 4′ x 6′. Private Collection.


“To know harmony means to be in accord with the eternal.

To be in accord with the eternal means to be enlightened.”

                                                 Lao Tzu



Cypress and Basalt, 2005, mixed media on wood, 4′ x 6′. Private Collection.

Exhibition, Water!, 2008, Conley Gallery, Fresno, CA.


“The individual feels the futility of human desires and aims.

Sublimity and marvelous order revel themselves

in both in nature and in the world of thought. 

Individual existence impresses him as a kind of prison 

and he wants to experience the universe as a single magnificent whole…

                                                                          Albert Einstein



Blossom Peak, 2004, mixed media on wood, 4′ x 6′.

Collection of Sequoia Cancer Center, Visalia, CA.


“The Greek philosophers, like the philosophers of other ancient

civilizations, generally thought of time in terms of endlessly

repeated cycles: cycles of breathing, of day and night,

of the moon, of the year, 

great astronomical cycles of years,

and great cycles of cycles.”

                                      The Presence of the Past, by Rupert Sheldrake


16 thoughts on “Nature Series…wood and gold leaf.

    • Thank you Eddie Two Hawks,
      I love your blog!
      You would appreciate the site of this painting! An amazing healing place. Top of, Column of the Giants, Stanislaus National Forest, CA. I will be posting more current adventures of this area of natural springs, and wild flowers, and native american sites.


    • ‘Cypress and Basalt’ is found on top of a basalt lava flow, Column of the Giants, Stanislaus National Forest. When I hiked up there (no trail)(bears), I found a large ring of stones. The ground surface was basalt, was polished by glaciers, beautiful, black pentagon shapes of the basalt formation.
      The surrounding view looking into the valley was so exceptional. Such a magnificent healing site. This is one of the few painting I did not sell, my children protested!


    • Dear Cave of Flame!
      Thank you, Lost Canyon is real, someday I will post the photos. It is the most amazing place. Life abounds there!
      Love your site! It is educating me about music, and what I have missed!


      • Would love to see the photos and thanks for the kind words and link to my site. Always happy to get a few more visitors to the cave. My goal is to have a condensed view of the entire history of rock music in a way that makes everyone think and laugh.


  1. Extraordinary images; sorry not to be able to see them full size. One of the inadvertent draw-backs of the Internet (and of smart phones): we confine ourselves so often to miniatures; not all images can be appreciated that way. These especially, I think.


  2. D.A.,

    You are an exquisite artist, as these examples of your work so abundantly demonstrate. So much beauty and thought embodied in each one. And the passages you have chosen reflect another facet of your artistry and your spirituality.

    I am drawn most especially to Passage Way. Suzuki’s book has become one of my most important spiritual texts.

    I’m blessed to be connected with you.



    • Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for you inspiring comments. I have also been exploring your writings this morning. Your journey, and the exploration of your life really touched me in a profound way. My paintings are a visual interpretation of what you have written. My mind is deeply saturated in Eastern Philosophy. I graduated with a degree in art and in Philosophy, which was just the beginning of many years of study and life changes. For every quote applied to these paintings, I indulged my self by rereading my favorite books!

      I put Passage Way into a gallery, and the gallery owner called the next morning to say it had already sold, you could see it from the window, and she laughing said that there were nose prints all over the window! Bought by a lawyer!

      Thank you,


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