The Language of Nature…for those who care to listen…


A documentary by Louie Schwartzberg

The life of mycologist Paul Stamets

“The Language of Nature…”


“Humanity needs a paradigm shift in our consciousness,

               for the survival of our planet.”

                                        Paul Stamets in, I Believe Nature is a Force of Good


This is a very powerful concept for humanity to understand,

nature has its own language, for those who can hear.


This video represents what I am trying to emulate on this blog,

this is our world, it is alive.

Nature speaks to us in the beautiful language of Life.


Kaweah River grinding rock, photo: Charlie Gilbert

                                                      Kaweah River grinding rock. photo: Charlie Gilbert


Re-blogged from Sustainability Hub: A Project of Sustainable San Mateo County, CA.


Sustainability Hub is a proactive site that will interest

all those who care about this planet,

and offers many solutions for Climate Change.

Sustainable San Mateo County

Sustainable San Mateo County (Photo credit: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta)

Paul Stamets at TEDMED2011

Paul Stamets at TEDMED2011 (Photo credit: Klick Pharma)




Sunday, February 17
 Forward on Climate Rally in San Francisco hosted by Sierra Club California
WhenSun, February 17, 1pm – 2pm
WhereOne Market Plaza 1 Market St San Francisco, CA 94105 (map)
DescriptionWHERE One Market Plaza 1 Market St San Francisco, CA 94105 United States FOR MORE INFORMATION Pierre Delforge ·
Sierra Club and   Washington D.C. February 17th.

7 thoughts on “The Language of Nature…for those who care to listen…

  1. Nice post. As I am reading the Teachings of Don Juan, I must say that I think don Juan would approve. I am not into eating mushrooms (yet), but from this video I can clearly see why they get to be so potent. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I am a mushroom hunter, but not THAT kind. In the Sierra Nevada’s we eat morels, boletus, puff balls, inky caps, shaggy mane, truffles, and any tree mushroom. I only eat what I can recognize clearly, and you have to be careful of what you eat or drink along with the mushroom (no wine with the shaggy mane). In California we do not use pigs (as in France) to root out truffles, you have to observe squirrels, where they dig is a truffle! I do love, The teachings of Don Juan!
    Thank you for your message.

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