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The Red Wolf

is revered in the south. Arkansas State University Athletic teams call themselves the Red Wolves. People there should step up in its defense. But it doesn’t appear they are.

The few Red Wolves left in the wild, saved from extinction by a breeding program and nearly all located in the state of North Carolina, are being killed by hunters at an alarming rate.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service records show that 10 Red Wolves out of total wild population of around 100 were killed by suspected gunshot last year. At least three of these deaths were reported by hunters who claimed they thought they were shooting at a coyote. Okay, the Red Wolf looks a lot like a coyote. But putting aside the notion that any responsible hunter should study their intended prey carefully before pulling the trigger—it’s fair to ask what is humane about spotlighting animals…

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  1. Hello Byron,
    I love your photographs, and these photos must be beautiful also. It is hard to reintroduce a species that was killed by humans in the first place. My last best friend was a Husky/Wolf. She just wanted to be free to roam.

    Northern California just had a business sponsored event, a coyote killing contest, who kills the most, wins. There was a petition to stop it, with many signatures, but it went on as scheduled.
    There used to be coyotes in the Sierra Nevada’s by our cabin. Last year I finally heard one calling, and there was no answering call. It really saddened me.
    Thank you for your comment,


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