Our Earth, Air and Water Pollution Affects All Life…Midway, a film by Chris Jordan.

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“This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km

from any other coast line.

Nobody lives,

only birds and yet,

you will not believe what you will see here.

Please don’t throw anything into the sea.

Unbelievable, just look at the consequences.”

12 thoughts on “Our Earth, Air and Water Pollution Affects All Life…Midway, a film by Chris Jordan.

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    • Hello Vine of Life,
      Thank you for reposting this article and video. I think I need to do more research about the creator of this project, Chris Jordan. ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’,
      and he is accomplishing so much by bringing this problem into our awareness.


  2. All the best to Chris on helping the Albatross. At first glance I thought the images were an organised collage of found items to form abstract art. I agree, quite bizarre. It is pretty awful to realise the suffering these birds must endure. I hope people learn to be more considerate with their rubbish.


    • Thank you for your comment Adele, http://adelemiranda.wordpress.com/

      I would like to believe that humanity can change, especially when confronted with the reality of our thoughtless action. There is an underwater island the size of the state of Texas, a plastic island approaching Hawaii. We are poisoning sea animals and birds who dine on it.

      Our homes are filled with plastic, a throw away product. I look at my trash these days. I am responsible for it. I reuse most of it now.


  3. We take our “used plastic containers” to Walmart; they actually send it to a recycling facility. Sometimes I wonder if they (Walmart) gets fed up with us bringing in so much plastic to put in the simple plastic waste bin at the entrance; but they just smile and keep the bins rather unsaturated!
    Additionally, instead of the standard (throw-away) plastic bags that they give you at checkout… we use reusable cloth Walmart bags! They are huge and are only 50 cents each!

    It’s sad how plastic gets into fish… and people eat the fish and get cancer, etc. I’m glad I’m a vegetarian!


    • Hi Thomas,
      I recycled my plastic recently, and I made $8.00! It was nice to send it off to be recycled. What about tin cans, aluminum cans, and glass bottles? Plastic food containers?
      I started making my own wine and beer, recycling my son’s wine and beer bottles, and giving them back full again!

      Probably the best thing you can do for the planet IS be a vegetarian. Great! If people knew how costly to the environment ‘growing’ beef was, they would stop eating meat. We feed grain to beef, and people are starving all over the planet. They would love that grain, and we could feed the world.
      Thank you for your comment!


  4. Thanks Denise! Yes, being a vegetarian does more than just helping animals. It takes 10 times more land to produce the food for a meat eater than what would be needed for a vegetarian! If more of us became vegetarians, we could feed the world. But more than just feed the world… we need to really do a whole lot more with population control measures. There are just too many of us (humans) on this planet, and we need to curtail our ever expanding population growth. The earth is just too tiny and too fragile and cannot support such huge numbers (of a species that uses a lot of things unnaturally). The winds are getting more and more restless; mother earth is telling us something!


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