Great sadness, and a great loss of our primate friends.

When humans harm their own kind,

which they do daily to the unprotected and

vulnerable, I am sad.

 When humans harm other species, because they are unprotected and 

vulnerable, I am sad, and I am ashamed for humanity.


Something has been missing from our species:





We blindly destroy our selves,

fellow creatures,

our planet.

We are unstoppable.


If you are kind, compassionate, and wise,

stand up for what you believe in.

The time is now!


And really, think about what you do,

what you eat,

what you believe.

Start with how you live your life,

make changes.

First Light Productions

by Innocent Mburanumwe, Virunga  28 Jul 2007

“I have been thinking

about these images, because we have all found them so upsetting, but as in the past, it is better that people see what is really happening. I will try to recount the events as best I can and I am sorry that the images are so disturbing.

I was in Goma on the night of 22 July. Emmanuel de Merode was in Bukima with members of my team, and Scott and Brent of Newsweek.

They heard shots at around 8pm.

The next day, a patrol went in from the Bikenge patrol post and quickly found the bodies of three females. It was crushing to hear the news. It is the worst thing that can happen, when a whole group is attacked, and when so many are killed.

The team split into two groups, with one team of Rangers…

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2 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Thank you Jubilee Journey! I questioned reblogging this post, I thought that I might have been too hard on humanity. I glad that Friend Nature is inspiring to you.
    I appreciate your comment and your award,


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