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From elephantjournal: When I was only four or five years old, I was trained to just rinse my toothbrush at the beginning of brushing my teeth and after I was finished.

Running the water throughout the duration of getting my pearly whites clean never even crossed my mind. In recent years as I’ve grown more aware of my water footprint, I didn’t understand how saving water in my hometown of Philadelphia was relevant to Africa’s dire need of water.

We learned it in third grade science—doesn’t water come into your faucets, go back into the ground and evaporate for us to reuse? It’s the ultimate renewable resource, and we’ve been drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank. If T-rex survived (until a meteor hit), why should we panic?

We live in such an ironic time. In many ways, we’ve grown accustomed to unpronounceable chemicals in our household items…

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    It was basically one big parking lot.


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