The drought is expected to persist #codrought

Water! Our precious resource, and now the USA is on the list for water shortages. Please rethink your daily use of water. Change starts with you!
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usdroughtmonitor03122013 (Dave Delozier):

The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District board of directors is a few weeks away from deciding how much water farmers will receive for their crops. That decision will impact what farmers will plant or even if they will plant. “The next couple of weeks before our board of directors sets quota on April 12, is going to be critical for what happens in the mountains,” Brian Werner, spokesperson for Northern Water, said.

While March has increased the snowpack in the area almost 10 percent, the reservoirs are still below average. “Our reservoirs are almost 25 percent below average for this time of year and almost 50 percent below where they were a year ago,” Werner said.

With water storage so far below average farmers in northern Colorado are making plans for dealing with a limited amount of water. “Whatever we plant, we need to make sure…

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3 thoughts on “The drought is expected to persist #codrought

  1. We take so much for granted, don’t we? We have all grown up not knowing what it is like to live without water on tap and I don’t think we really appreciate the blessing and abuse the resource because we’re so disconnected from it. S’long as we have faucets, we never have to worry, right? 😦


  2. If it was just the USA I wouldn’t be so concerned but multiple other major agricultural regions are also experiencing drought. The threat to global food supply would appear set to escalate rapidly as the Arctic melts out and we enter a period of abrupt (on human timescales) climate change.


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