Monsanto and their biotech brethren have quickly taken over the seed and pesticide industries (and bought the rest), we now have the fossil fuel industries taking over all the rest. If we allow these trends to continue unabated, what will be left for the farmers, the consumers, the environment? As a recent acquaintance stated,”By making the daily choice of eating processed foods and supporting the commodity crops and factory farmed animals produced by big agriculture, we are directly contributing to the environmental destruction of America – and the staggering wealth of big players like the Koch Brothers.”


N-P-K, these letters are quite familiar to anyone with a little experience gardening; standing for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three main fertilizer nutrients we focus on almost exclusively today. Phosphorus and potassium are basically rocks and have some of their own issues due to overmining and a few other problems, but today the concentration will be on everyone’s favorite fertilizer, nitrogen.
Nitrogen is found in the breakdown of organic matter and as a metabolic byproduct (interesting hint: your own pee is actually a very potent fertilizer and is sterile). Since we nowadays toss out such a huge portion of our organic waste to break down in toxic garbage dumps, we are not living sustainably in regards to this very important resource and instead have chosen to go the quick fix route and rely on decayed dinosaurs to provide us with a source. Thanks to the advent of fracking (hydrofracturing)…

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