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D.A. Hartley
My life has been driven by art. The artist eye looks to nature for inspiration, and then artist within translates these insights into an art work. Anything may appear onto the paper or canvas. The artist may channel the past, the present, or the future.

I am a Reiki healer, and use healing in my art process. As a artist and healer, I address the healing of our planet. I try to approach Climate Change, and our damaged environment, more as a spiritual issue. First we have to heal ourselves, and by doing so we will become aware of the reality of the global stress that humanity has caused.

I studied at the Art Students League, NYC, with professional artists of New York. I have a BA degree in Art, yet found my voice with my BA in Philosophy, and a Masters Degree in Fine Art.

My business has been painting murals. My favorite project I painted with my son, the children’s floor, Children’s Hospital, Central Valley. (www.dahartley.com).

I have a California teaching credential in Art, longing to share my experiences as a professional artist.

I have lived in the mountains of the Sierra’s in California, and at the sea in Monterey, and Santa Barbara. In New York City when I was young, and a few years ago, on the island of Kauai, teaching children with autism. I currently live in Oakdale, CA.


Beach Side Gallery (2012), One Woman Show, Santa Barbara, CA;
Artist Open Studio, (2011), Stanislaus County, private studio tour, Modesto, CA;
Mistlin Gallery, (2011) 58th Annual Spring Art Show, member group show, Modesto, CA;
Ironstone Vineyards, (2011) Spring Obsession, group show, Murphy’s, California;
Water, Flowers, and Inner Light, (2010) Show with photographer Christian Gilbert, San Luis Obispo, CA;
Water! (2008)  One Woman Show, Conley Gallery, Fresno. CA.;
Icons (2004) at Fourth Street Studio Gallery, Berkeley, CA;
The World of Abstraction (2004) at Easel Heads, Church Street Gallery, Visalia, CA;
Wisdom and Compassion, Tibetan Art Installation, (2003), One Woman Show Dean’s Gallery, CSU Fresno, CA;
Temporal Man in Nature, One Woman Show, Cort Gallery, Three Rivers, CA;

Lake Kaweah, a time piece that transformed two years of still photos into video,
was featured at the Kaweah Land and Arts Festival, at the Land and Arts Symposium (2009),
College of the Sequoia’s,Visalia, CA.

Received a commission from Sierra View Hospital, Porterville, CA,
to create a hospital floor of murals for the Children’s Hospital, Central Valley.

Studied at the Art Students League in NYC,
and has received BA degrees in Fine Art and in Philosophy (Religion).
MA is in Fine Art, New Media.

Received training from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in sculptural restoration.

Worked for the Nelson Rockefeller Trust,
at Kikuit Museum at Potanico Hills, N.Y.,
and worked for the conservator of the Whitney Museum, NYC.

Taught drawing in the Artist as Witness workshop at the Fresno Metropolitan Museum,
to children of migrant workers.

Received a diploma as a producer from the Hollywood Film School.

Assistant to Keaton Walker, 4 Emmy award recipient,
as Art Director of the Academy Awards, at the American Music Awards (2003).

292680_126642930764769_100002571870463_157227_5066026_n[1] Went to France, rented an art studio in the South of France, and an apartment in Paris!


Corporate purchases include four painting for Kaweah Delta Hospital, and the Sequoia Regional Cancer Center in Visalia, CA.


Radio Interview, March 2003, one hour interview with Janet Flores, Wisdom and Compassion Show, KFCF (KPFA), Fresno CA.

Visalia Times Delta, February 26, 2004, Family’s Support is Artist’s Greatest Joy.

Fresno Bee, October 22, 2004, Sierra View Handles New Wing with Kid Gloves.

Lifestyles Magazine, July 2005, Denise Hartley, text by Carol Firstman.

Radio Interview, February 2013, with Liana Voia, Blog Talk Radio, Canada. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/multiplearts/2013/02/17/denise-hartley–fine-artist-and-muralist

Media Kit upon request, denise@dahartley.com

DSCN3197 Cheers to you!


79 thoughts on “About D.A. Hartley

    • Your statement that your blog for is for ‘random writings, photography and things that interest you’, applies to me as well. Reading the posts of creative people, and reading about, and learning from their interests, is a pleasure.


    • Dear Journal of Life Pursued,all my favorite authors on one site, and a philosophical writer as well. I thank you! ‘Your lights are on, and someone is home.’
      Creativity is a gift, and you are using it well.


  1. Art Students League was my intensive drawing time after dropping out of School of Visual Arts. Wish I could remember my teacher (Mitchell?) who had us drawing on 6′ tall butcher paper with reed pens he personally cut for us and a Japanese brush for me.


  2. Your liking of a post of mine in the blog Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts brought me here and I find considerable commonality between your interests and mine though perhaps some fifty years apart!
    Painting in my early ‘teens changed to poetry in my early twenties and poetry changed to writing philosophy in my fifties. I also can do healing (hands). My profile will take you to all my writings if it is your wish (and time) to read them.


      • Thank you Ian,
        The moment was moving for me. The light, the stillness of the pond, a storm about to break…walking with Nate…
        Yet, I just snapped the photos, holding Nate’s hand, and looped on my camera arm was a little white dog, tugging at the leash.
        What is ethereal is the subject, Nature.


  3. This is a wonderful blog. As an agnostic/atheist, I’m always a little wary of the word, ‘spiritual’, though I went to a talk by Dan Dennett during which he said, we need to reclaim the word, spirit! It means, joie de vivre, elan, lightness, sensitivity to the emergent energy that is consciousness! (He didn’t actually say that last). Anyhow, many thanks indeed and I look forward to reading through your posts in more detail over the next few days.


    • I just read ‘about’ your blog. I, too, am searching for a philosophical way to prepare others for this ecological event we are experiencing. This blog is my practice. I am contemplating what awakens humankind.
      Many thanks,


    • Art and Nature is the reason that I found you. Your photographs say everything!
      My son and I explored your blog together yesterday (he is a nature photographer), your site is so inspiring.
      Thank you.


  4. On the subject or art, you may appreciate the work of my 19-yr old nephew Miles Johnston who, I am certain, is going to be world-famous one day… Having spent 6 years teaching himself to create artwork digitally, he is now in his second year at the Atelier College in Stockholm, learning to do it using traditional methods. The results of both are, IMHO, awesome (but he seems to enjoy doing science fiction/fantasy illustrations most)…


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  6. I have been an amateur-level artist since I was a child: pencil, charcoals, oils , watercolor and now digital media) but my day job is working on climate change mainly in the developing world. I love your compositions and the media you use, including poetry. Am a fan!


    • Hello Jim,
      Thank you for the ‘Fan’ status! I just explored your site, and found it very interesting, as well as eclectic. I have always wanted to go to Indonesia, great mix of culture’s expressed through really diverse art/music/dance. I started this site to discover the best way to educate about climate change, in a way that people would listen. And to have something up that would encourage those that are starting to ‘get it’. Thanks for your vote of confidence.


  7. I really enjoyed looking through your blog! You do some beautiful work! Very, very cool stuff. I’m an amateur photographer and want to start publishing some of that work, too…some day soon.

    Thanks for the “Likes” on thezendoc and thenakedmd! I’m new on WordPress and the blogosphere…I appreciate the support! I’m trying to post as often as I can (two in the past 24 hours). Long term I’m hoping for one post on each blog every 1-2 weeks since I have to still work…damn!

    Create a great day!

    Dr. Steve @ thezendoc.wordpress.com & thenakedmd.wordpress.com


    • I have won the Katie Blog Award for Creative Blogging!!! I saw that you created this, and am honored to accept. I am a bit behind posting my awards, so read all about this in a future post!
      Thank you Katie!


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  9. Wow. Well, nice to meet you! 🙂
    What an amazing life! It’s funny — now you’re planning to be a teacher (I’d hire you if that were possible! 😀 ) and I’m planning quitting my teaching job in public education, setting up a tiny-weeny language school (to make a living) and SPENDING MOST OF MY TIME LEARNING TO PAINT AND DRAW! 😀
    In sisterhood,
    michelle (from Spain)


    • Hi Michelle,
      I just journeyed to Talking People, what a great project! Thank you for writing, I’m becoming a teacher, but who knows where that will lead, hopefully around the world. Teaching children that they are artists is what I find fun. Education in the USA discarded art about 20 years ago, no value to society! No value for art or nature. And we wonder what went wrong! Have fun expressing yourself in your art!
      Keep me posted,


  10. Hello Denise

    I added the following text to the kayak photography video I posted earlier today. If yo want something a little more in depth, let me know, and I will come up with it.



    I spend a lot of time kayaking, exploring, and photographing the natural world. Motorless boats, cameras, and nature all go so well together- gliding silently along, with only the murmur of the paddle to interrupt the songs of the myriad birds, slipping along as just another shadow, observing and capturing moments of calmness and clarity. Of course, it’s not always calm, peaceful bliss, but I like to imagine that it is, and so that is what I am sharing with all of you, some of that stillness of nature that I actually do find most of the time that I am out there… the calm beauty that nature can be.

    My most common (yet by no means only) place that I get to explore and share is Tomales Bay, a beautiful yet rugged place in Northern California. It is a fantastic area to explore with a rich and varied ecosystem that supports a huge diversity of life. I am often amazed at how much life there is in its waters and along its shores.


    • OH! Terrible! Art is vital!!!! But in the USA there is great avoidance of critical thinking and creativity, right? (outside of university and art places, I think?)

      What a wonderful target! You must do it, yes! And yes, I’ll keep you posted! Pops one day we’ll meet somewhere!!!! 😀



  11. It would appear there is consensus in regards to your blog. It’s fabulous. And I’m so terribly pleased you have been visiting our Earth Science blog. I have always been in envy of talented artists. Such a beautiful expression of yourself. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours and look forward to seeing more of your work.


  12. Thank you so much for following my blog! I am planning to write about our National Biennial exhibition in Jamaica very soon, and think you might enjoy that. Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to following it… Warmest wishes!


    • Hello Emma,
      First I was attracted by the beautiful roses, and colors of your blog, but then I started reading. Very insightful, warm and natural way of writing. Hope you can post some pictures of Jamaica’s Biennial! I hope it rains there soon!
      Nice to meet you,


  13. Thanks for following my blog! And also for the likes 🙂 It’s taken a little while to get round to visiting due to social network sites leapfrogging of late! I have a paw in too many for my own Wolfie good at the moment lol 🙂 Anyway, you are very welcome anytime you might choose to stop by 🙂


  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on your blog. You are a gifted artist and writer. More importantly, you have an important message that I hope is carried forth to thousands of readers. Your “healing” philosophy is a clarion call to all who will hear. I certainly did.


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